Transaero supplies the drivers flight helmets for Ed Shadle and Jessi Combs.  With integrated communications and life support breathing systems, Transaero flight helmets are used by the world’s military.  Having clear communications for our drivers Ed and Jessi is critical for their safety.  The Transaero Helmets are built to meet the rigaris conditions of our military. That is why we choose them for our requirements.  We have high heat, high vibration and RF and the Transaero Gentex Helmets work flawlessly!   In the event of a fire or smoke, the Transaero helmets provides compressed air until our drivers can exit the vehicle.  We are proud to be associated with Transaero and their Gentex Helmets.

Jessi Combs wearing a custom painted Transaero Gentex Flight Helmet

Ed Shadle uses Gentex Helmet with communications and air breathing systems

Eric Wittler using Transaero Gentex Helmets at the 2018 Engine Test