Proof in the pudding…The NAE Toolbox – See before photo at the bottom!

Toolbox Widget™ is Veteran Own with Veteran Employees

Toolbox Widget™ is one of those products you never think about until after you have it.  You’ll wonder how you went through life without it!  Manufacturers of one of the more unique and inexpensive products on the market today, the Toolbox Widget™ will sort your tools better than anything you have ever used before! We know because we have tried everything from the top brands in the world.  And the best thing yet is this unique company is based in nearby Frederickson, WA is Veteran Owned with Veteran Employees!

The modular system allows you to stack units together for however number of wrenches you own.  They accommodate all sizes.  In the top photo we  have 1/4 inch to 1 5/16 wrenches.  The one thing we discovered right off the bat was we were able to put 12 more wrenches in the drawer before!  Tool accountability for FOD control cannot be underestimated, and with a quick glance you can see if your tools are back in storage.  These patent pending products carry a lifetime warranty with 100% guarantee.  They are always expanding with new products with organizers for sockets and angled organizers for shallow drawers.


Great video illustrates the Toolbox Widget


Simple construction accommodates all size wrenches 

Each section is a unique module to hold one tool. Simply connector multiple units for the number of tools!

The NAE Team is proud to be associated with Toolbox Widget™

Jonathan Hurley is the Owner and USMC Veteran!

Embarrassing BEFORE photo!