Thomas Aerospace provides high speed parachutes design to withstand a 800 mph deployment.  They also manufacture the ViperJet seen above.

  • Thomas Aerospace began operation  as a company specializing in high technology aircraft and rocket deceleration recovery systems since 2002.
  • Our expertise enables research & design, construction, prototyping and flight testing of new and unique deceleration systems for commercial and numerous military applications

Dr Dave Thomas and Ed Shadle inspect the new Thomas Aerospace Parachutes

Thomas Aerospace is an innovative high technology company specializing in aerospace systems design, consulting, prototyping, flight testing and flight instruction. Randy and his brother Dr Dave Thomas head up Thomas Aerospace. Dr Thomas is also a technical consultant on Team NAE™.


Working in conjunction with the Eagle’s deceleration team led by John Winchester, Ed Shadle design the actuating system and Eric McClain fabricated the stainless steel parachute tube. The system will be deployed at speeds near 800 mph. The dynamic pressure, or what physicist describe with the letter Q (or the small letter q) is over 1661 lb of pressure per square foot. Routine parachute deployment at these speeds has never been attempted in a civilian application. Thomas Aerospace offer the following services:

– Aerospace systems design, consulting and prototyping
– Landing drag chute systems for very light jets
– Aerial photography and surveillance
– High altitude flight testing
– Special R & D flight testing
– High altitude/high speed drop testing
– Flight Instruction