Hi I’m Keith Zanghi CEO and Director of Marketing for the North American Eagle® project.  Challenging the 763 mph world land speed record is a world wide event!

In 2016 at our Alvord Test Session we reached  36,000,000 people in 2 days for a product Microsoft was testing!  The impressions added up in value to 1.75M in Advertising, yet the customer paid a fraction of that amount.  Some companies ROI were 580 times on their initial investment!

We invite you to join in our journey to break the world land speed record for automobiles and go supersonic!

Your company can utilize the vehicle as a rolling laboratory to test your products:  High Vibration, High Temperature, High RF are challenges you’ll see with this extreme testing ; that you can then promote!  We can provide public speakers at your company events, shareholder meetings and industry trade shows.  We have spoke throughout North America and Europe.  We can even arrange to put the car on display at trade shows.

We have appeared on over ten (10) shows on Discovery, Science, History, National Geographic, The Tonight Show and Fox America’s Newsroom.  In the summer of 2018 we were part of a two hour show on The History Channel called Speed Demons.  We are currently working on a four episode documentary.

Just think of your marketing; Fastest Wireless, Fastest Computers, Fastest Airlines, Fastest Pizza Delivery!  The possibilities are endless!




Jessi Combs

She races at the King of Hammers and Baja 1000

Our driver Jessi Combs is a race car driver, television personality, industry spokesperson and fabricator.  Her fastest time to date is 483.227 mph during testing…and she is ready to go faster!  Some of her clients like WARN Industries and Lincoln Welders are used by the team.  You can contract with her to be at your next event.

Left: Jessi signing posters at the WARN Industries booth at SEMA 2018

Right: Jessi appears on  Jay Leno Garage

If your looking for something unique that will be the hook to get people to buy your product, I think we can help!

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