David Clark Company  is the leader in aerospace communications and flight and space suits.  They built the suits for the X-15 rocket plane, Gemini and Apollo Astronauts, Space Shuttle, and high altitude suits for the SR-71.   The world leader in pressure suits, they also built the suit for our friends at the Red Bull Stratos High Altitude balloon project.  David Clark Company provides all of our headset communications.  We are proud to be associated with the David Clark  Company.


Steve Rima with Bob Daigle

img_3341  img_3343

Felix Baumgartner’s flightsuit and helmet



Headquarters, Worcester MA

Ed Shadle Driver and Les Holm model our David Clark Ear Muffs

Steve Rima and Les Holm testing communications

Jessi Combs wearing David Clark Headsets

All NAE Personnel wear David Clark Protective Headsets

david clark2 decal