Since 2008 CMOS Xray has been a proud sponsor of the North American Eagle®  They will be providing onsite NDI (Non-destructive inspection) using their portable Envision system.

John Cope with Keith Zanghi

CMOS Xray placed above wheel

CMOS X-Ray technology ( CMOS is an abbreviation for complementary metal oxide silicon) allows for cost saving imaging on a wide array of equipment in the aviation, security, and other related industries. Envision will be providing equipment, service and technical support  for the Eagle.

We will be x-raying parts and inspecting the vehicle for structure imperfections. Because safety is top priority in a project of this magnitude, it is critical that we have the NDI capabilities which CMOS X-Ray can provide.

Team North American Eagle® is proud to have CMOS X-Ray onboard as we challenge the 763 mph world land speed record.