Length – 56 Feet Long

At 56 feet long from tail to nose cone, the car is longer than three cars packed end to end.

Weight – 14,000 lbs

Weighing in at over 7 tons, this former jet fighter is heavier than the average elephant.

Thrust – 42,500 HP

Using a J-79 engine from an F-104, the North American Eagle generates over 42,500 horsepower in full afterburner.

90 gallons per minute

At full power, the car will consume up to 90 gallons per minute, more than any car in existence!

Wheels from Aluminum

Costing over $20,000 per wheel, the wheels milled from a solid billet of aluminum will endure over 800 MPH.

Space Age Parachutes

Using space age parachutes, similar to what was used in the Apollo program, this car can come to a stop in a hurry.