Length – 56 Feet Long

At 56 feet long from tail to nose cone pitot tube, the car is longer than three cars parked end to end.

Weight – 14,500 lb

Weighing in at over 7 tons, this former U.S.A.F Starfighter jet plane is heavier than 4 NASCAR race cars.

Thrust – 45,500 HP

Using an S & S Turbines GE J-79-11B engine with a -17 4-line afterburner, the North American Eagle® generates over 45,500 horsepower in full afterburner.

160 gallons per minute

At full power, the car will consume up to 160 gallons per minute, more than any car in existence!

Wheels from Aluminum

Costing over $20,000 per wheel, the wheels milled from forged aluminum, have extensive Finite Element Analysis to ensure integrity over 900 MPH.

Space Age Inspired Parachutes

The parachutes are deployed in the same manner as those used on Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, and the Space Shuttle;  this car can come to a stop in a hurry.

Magnetic Braking

The world’s first vehicle to use neodymium iron boron magnets.  The non-contact braking provides over 3,500 brake horsepower stopping power.

Data Acquisition

Our National Instruments data acquisition system gathers over 3.2 million measurements per second, then transmits to a nearby mountain, then back to our mission operations center in real time.

Super Accurate Timing

The Eagle uses GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) with accuracy to about 0.010 by triangulation with 18 to 24 unique signature satellites in orbit around the earth.