PARKLAND, WA – From a young age, we are told to dream, to imagine the world as it could be, not as it is.  The trouble is that as we become older, the wonder of it all is lost, and reality begins to set in. A team of 50 people in Parkland, Washington, have never quit dreaming.  To them, they dream of building a supersonic car, one that will set a new world land speed record.  It’s not just their imagination though.  Using the fuselage of a jet fighter, this group of audacious engineers have built a car capable of going over 800 MPH, over 1.5 times the speed of a Boeing 737.  It’s called the North American Eagle.  With such a complex vehicle, a large portion of what has been written about the project has been technical.  The team wanted to tell a different story, a story of the people behind the project.  The ones who have dedicated themselves to doing something seemingly crazy, and yet amazing at the same time.  That story is From Speed to Sound, and the first chapter is now available at

In 1997, when the British-owned Thrust SSC broke the sound barrier and set a new record of 763 MPH, it left many heartbroken that it wouldn’t be their names in the record books.  That is where our story begins.  The project started as nothing more than an idea.  A crazy idea at that.  That idea morphed into a reality, and became the passion of two people, Ed Shadle and Keith Zanghi.  That reality is the North American Eagle, and it is their chance to take back the record.

When this project began, it was nothing more than a couple of guys in a garage, scraping paint and shaping sheets of metal.  With every person that was inspired to do something special, the team slowly grew in size.  Today, the North American Eagle has become a marvel of engineering because of the people who have dedicated themselves to continuing to dream.  The road to reclaiming the record has never been an easy one though.  There were mounting problems, even from the very beginning, that should have stopped the project from ever getting off the ground.  It’s those challenges that made this story worth telling, because despite all the odds, these people have come together to do something amazing.

From Speed to Sound is a six-part series, with each chapter being told by a different person.  With a new chapter released each week, each part looks at the pivotal moments that have defined the North American Eagle project.  Combined with rich media, From Speed to Sound immerses you in the story, bringing you along on the road to setting a new World Land Speed Record.  What makes this story better is that it’s still being written.  The final chapter has yet to be set in stone.  Read From Speed to Sound now by going to