Since Day One, people have said this project was just a little crazy.  Perhaps that is a bit of an understatement, yet we couldn’t agree more.  It is that very adventuring spirit that has pushed us to continue to go further, to do something few would ever consider to dare.  It is in these moments that should bring this project to a halt, when the mission we have set ourselves so long ago comes under question, it instead finds new life.  It is by the drive of so many committed individuals, who come together to do what some have called the impossible, we find strength. (more…)

Racing is a sport that pushes people and their cars further than ever before.  It also brings out some of the best in people.  Despite the competitive nature, it creates a drive to work together to do more.  It’s when you face the impossible odds, that people choose to attempt exactly that: the impossible. (more…)

Some of the most tense moments come in the days before running the car. It’s the point at which everyone has to be on their toes, to make sure that everything is perfect. It pushes each and every team member to do their very best, because nothing less is acceptable. (more…)

For a project as complex as this, no one person could ever do it alone.  It takes a team to do it.  That is what makes the test sessions so exciting.  They are a constant reminder of what each and every one of the team members put into the North American Eagle project, making it that much more real.  Last night, the the team arrived at the Alvord Desert in Southeast Oregon, prepared to make history.  Join us on our road to making racing history in 2016. (more…)

As the mist descended on the cool, deserted airstrip, the team slowly unloaded the car from the trailer.  The time had come for the annual engine test.  After everything that they had run into trying to run the car the previous year, the team had been working tirelessly to fix the issues.  This engine test would be one of the final testaments to that, prior to running the car later in the year. (more…)

Five years ago, when I joined this team, I could have never dreamed of the extent of my involvement.  Along the way, I’ve had the chance to meet some amazing people, and work on a project that to this day continues to surprise me.  What surprises me is the rich history that comes with the car and the team itself.  While the goal of going supersonic may seem crazy to some, when put in perspective of everything that has been done so far, it doesn’t seem quite so crazy. (more…)

Think back to the last time that you opened your computer.  Did you ever stop to think, even for just a moment, who built it?  Who designed the computer that powers everything that you do?  Who programmed the software that connects you to every other computer in the world?  Who is behind this marvelous blend of the physical and digital?  It is doers.   It is people who set a goal of doing something amazing, and then doing exactly that.  But over time, we come to take for granted everything that has been accomplished. (more…)

The North American Eagle project began as nothing more than an idea. It became the love and passion of two people, Ed and Keith. And they in turn have inspired countless people to believe that such a dream is possible. That dream, as crazy as it may have seemed, is what really defines the Pioneering Spirit behind this project. It’s a spirit of going to new places, meeting new people, and doing things that have never been done. (more…)

She lived for afterburners. Although her life didn’t start out that way. Jets had not been her dream, much less trying to set a land speed record with one. Racing, on the other hand, was an entirely different story. As a young girl, Jessi wanted to do anything and everything that involved speed and adventure, so naturally, cars and racing were at the top of her list. People told her she was not normal, that she should not try, and she would never be successful in those journey’s, although the support she needed and the reminders to never give up came from her family. They told her that no matter what, she should do what she wanted to, and not to listen to what others had to say. So she did exactly that; she grew up racing, building, and doing all her heart led her to. (more…)

Robots were running everywhere. It was a mad rush to be ready to compete, and no one was ready. Whenever asked, people would always say they needed just five more minutes to rebuild a part, or clear a drivetrain. But it was never just five minutes, it was an environment of pure stress. A stress to build a better robot than every other team, to not fail in fixing the robot, and to not become exhausted, despite the grueling three day schedule. Brandyn loved every last minute of it. The whole thing was a feeling of adrenaline that he couldn’t find anywhere else, driving a competitive spirit. What he didn’t know is what lay just across the aisle. (more…)