Appx 36,000,000 people reached in 2 days! This could reflect a value up to 1.75M in Advertising, just imagine you or your company as part of that!  Some companies saw 580 times ROI!

We invite you to join in our journey to break the land speed record, and go supersonic in the North American Eagle.

You or your company could be part of:

  • 55 Test runs to date.
  • Rolling laboratory for your product: High Vibration, High Temp, High RF, Extreme testing.
  • Part of our speaking engagements in the USA and Europe such as Seattle, Chicago, Washington D.C and Paris, France.
  • Appearances on different shows such as Discovery, Science, Tonight Show and America’s Newsroom.
  • Data Collection rates of 3.4 million points per second.

Just think of your marketing; Fastest Wireless, Fastest Computers, Fastest Airlines, Fastest Pizza Delivery!

In 1997, the Thrust SSC set a new record, going 763 MPH. From that day on, we have a had a dream, a mission of sorts, to go over 800 MPH, and break that record. To make that possible, we took a 56-foot-long F-104 fighter jet, removed the wings, and added wheels. The last 18 years have seen this project grow from just a few dedicated individuals with a dream, to a team of specialists who have built something incredible.

Our need for sponsors and supporters has never been more important. With the car reaching the final stages of testing, we need some serious real estate and resources to be able to run the car. The answer of where to run this supersonic vehicle comes from desert lakebeds, spread throughout the United States. Our main focus falls on Diamond Valley in Nevada, where we have over 12 miles of useable land, giving us plenty of time to push the car to speed, and also slow down safely. That comes at a cost though, both to acquire a permit to run on the lakebed, as well as the resources for us to travel there. Running a vehicle like this also requires significant logistics associated with it so that the car can run.

The road to setting a new world land speed record is by no means easy. But every challenge that we have faced along the way has served only to define our resolve. It has driven us to push farther than we had before, and believe even more in our mission. While what we are doing is certainly not easy, the reward is well worth it, and will define a new chapter in racing history. We are on the verge of doing something amazing, and need your help for the final hurdles.

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