New Fire Suppression System

We added two 10 lb 3M 1230 Fire Suppression Bottles in the Electronics Bay and Battery Compartment.

Onboard Power

New EnerSys Odyssey Batteries for main power and parachute actuation.  New batteries on M32-60B Start Cart.

Retrofit 12 VDC hydraulics to 24 VDC

This will vastly improve our battery management system.  The steering system will now run on 24 VDC

New Higher Flow Hydraulic Pump

We removed the old pump and replaced it with a new higher capacity pump

New SFI Rated Seat Belt

Installed new SFI Sparco Competition seat belts to accommodate Hans Device

New Parachute Tubes

Brand new stainless steel parachute tubes with simplified deployment system. Interior painted with teflon paint for a smoother exit of the parachute deployment bag.

New Parachute Deployment Bags

New high speed and low speed parachute deployment bags built with HD Cordura® 1000 material with integrated assister pockets. Color coded black for high speed and red for low speed.

Dedicated Fire / Medical Team

The new internal team made up of professional Firefighters, EMT, Paramedic, Incident Commanders, Physician Assistants, and Doctor.

Addition of a Fire / Rescue Vehicle

A dedicated vehicle designed to stabilize patients until rescue aircraft arrives for transport.

New Fuel Filter

Removed the original fuel filter and replaced with a factory F-104 fuel filter. The change will allow full fuel flow and safer o-ring seals.

New Aeroquip Main Fuel Lines

Replaced original fuel lines with more reliable factory fuel lines, fittings and o-rings.

New Electric Grounds

Revamped the electric grounds on the engine and vehicle.

Updated Mobilizer Winch

New Warn Industries VRx-45S Winch. New unit will hold up better in the dusty lakebed environment.